Co-owner wanted

Hey sorry about the long hiatus everyone!

Life has been keeping me busy from our favorite lady for the time being.

If anyone is interested in helping run this blog, shoot me a message and I’ll conduct a super short mini interview!  Please and thank you to anyone who is interested.


Omo! The mv is released on my birthday!  Daebak~!

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1/100 edits of Cute Girl Nari

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Hotter Than A Summer: Nari

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what’s nari looking at?


hehe turning your head to kiss me? 

WASSUP's Nari <3 biased

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여러분~♥ 너무 감사하고 고마워요~♥
여러분이 축하해줘서 너무나 즐거운 하루였어요 많이많이 사랑해요♥♥
Thank you soooooo much <3333

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I hope no one has forgotten about Nari’s birthday yesterday/today.

I’m preparing something special when the hiatus is over :)

raniancentral asked: good you will stop stealing for two weeks.

Lol okay. I thought this was buried now..

Hopefully I begin to credit to your satisfaction so you will stop heckling me.